Enterprise Services Planning Executive Summit 2016  –  May 18, 2016

Get immersed in the new approach to coordination and planning across your enterprise. This will change how you make decisions about portfolios, strategic direction, development, and daily activities.

The Enterprise Services Planning Management Summit is designed for managers in all types of professional services to come together and share their challenges managing modern 21st Century business in a complex world of disruptive change and ever shifting customer demands and expectations.

PLEASE ​NOTE: ​This ​exclusive ​event ​is ​for ​middle ​and ​senior  ​managers ​and ​consultants ​who ​work ​with ​directors, ​heads ​of ​ department ​and ​professional ​services ​providers.

What is Enterprise Services Planning (ESP)?

It is hard to be accurate when planning professional services work.

You deal with constantly shifting market conditions. You aren’t producing identical items or services day after day. How can you plan and manage in such a dynamic environment? Can you really answer basic questions like “Will it be ready when we need it?”

The Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) management approach uses Kanban as well as a full range of complementary techniques to help you reach a new level of alignment across your organization.

Your business is an ecosystem of interdependent services. ESP looks at the way you work right now and builds a coordinated information flow so that you can make accurate plans and better decisions every day.

ESP shows you what to select, when to schedule it, how many things to run in parallel, and how to manage risk, all the time sensing the changing external market conditions and responding with process improvements and business agility.



Location: The Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla